Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch Up

So I'm finally back home after visiting my family in Colorado and America's dairy-land, aka Wisconsin. I goofed around with my sister, learned some interesting tidbits about my mother's past, went to Sonic, watched a lot of TV, slept, and appreciated the absence of humidity. Obviously I did not have a single second to devote to this blog. But now I'm back. Back on the East Coast, back in my new apartment/house, back in the humidity, and back to being a real person. (Ha!) Since I a) have yet to hear if I'm going to become employed in the near future and b) I don't feel like organizing all of my crap that's currently sitting in boxes piled around my new room, it's list time again!

-I saw (500) Days of Summer and loved it. Loved the clothes, loved the music, and only had slight issues with the plot. Seeing as how this movie could categorized as a romantic comedy, a genre of movies that I typically despise, the fact that I really, really liked it speaks volumes. My thoughts about the title character can be summed up in this little comic that has been floating around the web recently:


-Because of said movie, I have also been forced to add this man

to my "Celebrities that I would willingly get naked with 5 seconds after meeting them" list. Ahem. Moving on!

-This rumor (oh god oh god oh god I hope it's just a rumor) makes me absurdly angry.

-I've become obsessed with 'No Reservations', Anthony Bourdain's travel/food show, and with cake decorating shows. The first because the host is funny, I'm a travel nerd and I love food...the second I have no idea why. Because they're pretty?

-I tried to watch this movie with my friend Maggie

(aka Kirk Cameron's ode to boats, porn, firefighters and Jesus) but it was so awful we only got through half and had to turn it off.

-Did I mention I went to SONIC????

I swear, Sonic cherry limeaid is like the elixir of the gods. If someone took me on a date (cough I'm looking at you JGL cough cough) to Sonic and bought me a cherry limeaid and an order of tater tots, I would marry them on the spot. (Or at least give them a really good bj)

-I just finished this book after seeing the movie

and was fascinated with just how much the FBI sucked when it first was organized.

-I have an absurdly long list of TV shows that I want to add to my Netflix, including but not limited to: The Wire, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Weeds, and Deadwood.

And now a quick story to sum up the post: Anyone who has spent more than a week's worth of time with me will inevitably be made aware of my not-so-secret obsession with Lord of the Rings. I love the books, love the movies, love the awful cartoon, loved the memorabilia you could buy in the SkyMall magazine found in the pockets of airplane seats. I would buy the movie soundtracks and listen to them over and over and over, until I had the themes to each movie pretty much memorised. Two days ago, I was sitting on a plane back to New York, watching the buildings and lights below from my tiny porthole window, and fiddling with the crappy music stations on my armrest. Just as the Manhattan skyline came into view, I paused on the classical music station and was surprised to hear the opening notes of one of the songs from "Return of the King". It was the song played at the very end, when Aragorn is crowned king and sucks Liv Tyler's face off and everyone bows to the hobbits. So I listened to the flutes and horns and strings as Manhattan glistened below me, and just as my plane touched down, the song ended. I think that was a good sign.

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