Sunday, September 13, 2009


Celebrities I have seen while I have been living in New York:

Woody Allen

Claire Danes

The emo tool behind Dashboard Confessional

James Cromwell

Joan Allen

Dylan Baker

Scary Spice

Joey Fatone
(Scary Spice and Joey Fatone were on the same day within 15 minutes of each other. I felt like I had slipped into some weird 90's pop vortex)

Tony Soprano

Ferris Bueller

Nick Jonas (not really. This is for Sarah. I'M SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!)

This post was prompted by the fact that this man:

Gerard Butler

lives near where I work, and so I've seen him a total of three times. In New York, seeing someone three times, famous or not, is kind of a big deal. I took the same subway every day at around the same time all summer and never saw anyone more than once. When I lived in my old apartment, I never saw 2/3 of the people that lived there, and it was only a 5 story building. So, like a friend suggested, perhaps if I see Mr. Butler 10 times a genie will pop out of the sidewalk and grant me a wish. Or maybe under some obscure law he'll be obligated to marry me. You never know.

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