Friday, July 17, 2009

Holy Crap

It's mid-July. This blog has been abandoned, and I feel bad, but the explosion in the post below still remains a good visual description of the chaos that is my life this summer. The only reason I have time to write this now is because I mapped out an evening to clean my room and start packing, and of course I'm procrastinating. I figured that I would devote this post to catching up a bit...a quick little summery of the pop culture tidbits that have occupied my brain this summer so far. Let's begin!

Obsession #1
The new pictures that were released from Tim Burton's upcoming 'Alice in Wonderland'

When I saw these my mind almost exploded. Movie makeup is something I'm looking at as a potential career choice, so I'm always hunting for examples of what I would eventually be able to produce myself. A++++++ and a billion gold stars to Leslie Devlin, Susan Stepanian, Patty York and all the other talented artists involved with this project.

Obsession #2
The movie 'Adventureland' (and the soundtrack)

I saw Adventureland after it had been in theatres for a pretty long time, but I was glad I caught it. I went in expecting a standard teen summer comedy, with dick jokes and boobs and maybe a message about how nerds win in the end. All those elements were there, but didn't overshadow what was a sweet, subtle, and thoughtful ode to growing up. Plus, it has a KILLER soundtrack. I've been rocking out to it for about a month now, and I have to say, "Don't Change" by INXS has earned a place on my list of near perfect pop-songs.

Obsession #3
Dior's newest Couture collection
Fashion and I have an interesting relationship. I like following it, can't afford to dress how I would like to, and wish I had the ability/talent to style myself better. I am also larger than a size 2, so couture lines and I never really cross paths. But when I saw these pictures :

all I could think was, "WANT". Despite the face that I will probably never have the need for a corset/ballgown, I would willingly amputate one of my toes to own it (what? The dress covers my feet!) Also, ever since I returned from England I have become increasingly obsessed with hats, but again, I have no occasion/outfits to wear them with. I really should have lived during the 50's.

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