Monday, July 27, 2009

Mad Woman

A show that I desperately need to catch up with is 'Mad Men'. It would always be on right when I had to study for finals, or when I actually had some semblance of a social life, so I would only catch snippets of it and be all, "Damn, Don Draper is sexy. I wish I could wear every dress featured on this show. I also wish I could smoke and drink with such abandon. I wish actual things like hamburgers still cost a nickle. Damn, Don Draper is SEXY"......and so on. From what I have seen, the art direction, makeup and costume design are stunning, plus it's set in an era I'm extremely interested in, PLUS did I mention Don Draper is sexy? Hopefully this fall I'll have more time to sit around and watch my ever-growing Netflix cue, which now includes all the disks of 'Mad Men' I can get my hands on (as well as Fargo, Donnie Darko, The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, The Queen, and The Girl Next Door. Ha!) Until then, I'll have to satisfy my Mad Men cravings with this very neat promotion/game thing that the people at AMC's website came up with called Mad Men Yourself, which enables you to create an awesome looking 'Mad Men' alter ego. Here's mine:

Why can't I look like this ALL THE TIME??? Look at my cute little watch and glasses and cigarette and dead animal around my neck!!!!!! I've said it once and I'll say it a billion more times: I love 1950's clothing. I covet it. If I could have one wish, well... it would be for world peace. But, if I had TWO wishes, I would ask for world peace and then for '50's style to become all the rage so I could walk down the street in gloves and a pillbox hat and not get deranged looks from passersby. (Then I would fly to all the places in the world that are now conflict-free in my pillbox hat and perhaps have a Mai-Tai on my way there) And in this beautiful universe where everyone holds hands and wears red lipstick and pearls, I would of course need a traveling "companion":