Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sugary drinks have been a staple in my diet ever since they were forbidden by my parents (damn hippies). This year I've been trying to cut out my daily can of Coke and substitute it with water in an effort to not gain 5 billion pounds. But it's a habit I can't quite kick. My preferences have slightly changed; I'm starting to favor more old-fashioned drinks like Boylan's:

over the polar bear covered cans of my youth. This probably makes me a hipster douchebag, but I really do think that they taste better because of the glass bottles they come in. And if I'm eating Mexican food, there is nothing better than a bottle of Jarritos:

Those little bottles of bubbly Mexican perfection fill me with utter joy. All this talk of carbonated drinks reminds me of my days at summer camp. I attended one in Michigan, and you could tell where the other campers were from solely by what word they used to describe beverages- "pop" meant you were from the north/midwest, "soda" meant you were from the rest of the states. I refused to refer to it by anything except "Coke" because a) I was a child superhero and wanted my origins to remain hidden, and b) Coke was the only thing I would drink. Pepsi wasn't sweet enough, Sprite was too watery if you put it with ice, Orange soda (while the favorite of Kel) was too sweet and reminded me of liquid candy. No, Coke was and still remains my favorite out of all of them. I just wish they sold it in glass bottles here more often.

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