Thursday, May 21, 2009

Much needed update

So the reason I haven't updated this for a while is because I did a little thing called GRADUATING COLLEGE.

Whatever. I was over it the second it started- I wasn't really graduating anyway because I have to take summer school, my parents almost missed the ceremony, it rained, I got seated in the wrong spot and almost fucked up getting my "diploma", and to top it all off I got under two hours of sleep/ate nothing but a muffin and the ceremony lasted until 3:30. I'm pretty sure the universe was concocting a giant FUCK YOU to send me on my way, and boy did it deliver. I was so tired and over it that I didn't even stay to take the requisite billion pictures with people I'll probably never see again (and if I do see them again, I can just put on my cap and gown and re-create that hellish day. You better believe I kept that shit). And now fucking facebook is plastered with everyone and their mom screaming with joy about how they're done forever while at the same time sobbing about not being able to find jobs. Seriously, if I see one more picture on my newsfeed of someone's random relatives or a miniature Tom Brokaw delivering his speech from a billion miles away, I'll throw my laptop at a small child and then push them off a cliff. And now, a list.

Other things that have happened in between then and now that got overlooked:
1. I saw Star Trek. It was good, not mind blowing or superb like all the critics are saying, but worth seeing in theatres. I'll probably devote a post to that later, so I'll move on.
2. I engaged in Senior Week activities, and discovered that a) drinking on a boat is awkward and awesome at the same time, b) running after a cab barefoot is not the smartest idea, and c) watching people run face first into trees will never not be funny.
3. My parents found out about my tattoo and didn't care. At all. Which is weird.
4. I moved into my summer housing assignment and I think I'm living with all freshman. Joy.
5. Got a new haircut.
6. Was told that my boss at my internship is scary, and now I'm terrified to start working.
7. Hung out in Central Park with my dad and sister on one of those perfect spring days when everyone else is there and laughed at the crazies playing guitar around the "Imagine" thing in Strawberry Fields.
8. Flew home on a plane that was 80% senior citizens and 19% soldiers.
9. Am home now with no car, but my mom bought me a case of Stella (ha!) so I'll be sitting up in my room drinking/watching my Six Feet Under DVDs/updating this until I fly home on the 25th.
10. I can't think of anything else, I just wanted to make it an even 10.

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