Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's like looking into the future (except without being pursued by Matt Saracen and moving back with my parents).


  1. Please tell me you've seen Reality Bites. I've watched it 100 million times, which is roughly .3% of the times that whoever wrote this decaf updated version of it watched it.

    seriously! :P

    -b (shrinks back into my 90's padded world now)

  2. Yes yes I have. Totally superior in every way. It was just extremely weird to see the actress I get told I look like ALL the time run around and be stressed about graduating.

  3. :) Oh that's true, I've never thought of that. (That you look like her.) I thought you were just having grad anxiety, so I wanted to make sure you saw Reality Bites because it's so all about that.