Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Club

Somehow, if it stemmed from our mutual hatred of Twilight or out of sheer boredom from being home on break in Colorado Springs-I dont remember exactly, my friend Maggie and I decided we should start an "Awful Book Club". Bad science-fiction, bad horror, really anything trashy or having to do with the supernatural would be covered. We never started the club, but I did get in the habit of purchasing her romance novels for birthday or Christmas gifts as kind of a running gag. (She, in turn, buys me Twilight memorabilia) My selections have covered many sub-genres, from NASCAR themed: to the supernatural: They are pretty amazing, and I plan to keep on expanding Maggie's collection as long as they keep writing them. It just so happens that Harlequin's 60th anniversery is this year, and ABC News did a hilarious segment where they had different celebrities read aloud from various books. Here's the link, it's amazing and made my crush on Paul Rudd even bigger (if that was possible)

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