Thursday, April 2, 2009

Joy of Cooking

So I've been made aware of this before (and thought it was hilarious) but a recent post on the AV Club website's Taste Test feature brought it up yet again, and I figure coming (no pun intended) across this more than once makes it worthy of a post. Ladies and gentleman, may I present: Finally, someone has provided the answer to a problem that has plagued human kind for centuries: What to do if I've just jacked off and have a hankering for lime aoili? I feel like the next step should be a gift set containing this as well as a placenta cookbook in case all of your um...emissions... aren't fully recovered. And maybe one of these as well: Maybe I should e-mail Oprah and try to convince her to include it as one of her "favorite things". YOU get a semen cookbook, and YOU get a semen cookbook, YOU'RE ALL GETTING SEMEN COOKBOOKS!!!

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